What to do, what to know. 

Often people ask why I havenīt Elastomania available for download. The reason is simple, Elastomania is NOT freeware. The price for the full version of the game is 9.95 $ and can be ordered here. You can also get a cd version of the game including tons of custom-made levels, replays plus much more here

You can also choose to download the shareware edition here. It contains the first 18 levels plus the editor. The editor is a limited edition with rules on the number of polygons ect. 

If you like the game, please support the developer.


some info about the new script-idity site:
As soon as you've registered a user and logged in you can
submit records using the "Submit new record" link in the
recordlist you have a valid record on, remember some lists
are just for some specific nationality and have some limit
on your total-time, ofc, you won't be able to submit these
anyways, but it's a good thing to not piss off the admins.

Here follows information about what to do if you have questions, have broken a rec or others pieces of information that I think has relevance to you.

Info about rec-breaking : 

If you have broken a rec and you want your time put up on one of the lists here is what you do

  1. save your replay
  2. Make a zipfile containing your replay   ( If the rec is in OLP, you are required to send the levelfile also ) 
  3. attach the zipfile to a mail, and send it to me. The address is acrossdk@hotmail.com

I will then put up the time on the rec-table at the next update. This wonīt happen right away, so please have patience.

If you have any questions at all about elma, across, this page or other elmarelated topics feel free to mail me on the address above, and I will do my best to answer your questions.

Here I will post info that I think you should know

Denmark has both a message board and a IRC channel concerning elma. The most used item is by far the IRC channel, where all the best danish elmaplayers can be found.    The server is copenhagen.dk.quakenet.eu.org . channel name is #elma...

There is also a international elma channel on the IRC network. The server is irc-ircnet.dk and the channel name is #across. Here you can find some of the best elma-players in the world.

Click here to download mirc. The best IRC program.

Try joining groupcare.dk. Here is a danish forum/group dedicated to elma. Some very nice levels and other interesting things can be found here